McIntyre’s, 450 North Avenue East, Westfield, is the place to buy a high quality mower and keep it in top-notch condition. We are also a full service locksmith, serving all of your residential and commercial needs.

We carry all the major brands at competitive prices. When it comes to locksmith or lawnmower services and repairs, our factory technicians can help you. Or, if you prefer, we can sell you the part and you can fix or maintain the equipment yourself.

Established in 1898, McIntyre’s has developed into a successful business dealing with the sales and repair of landscape equipment such as Wright, Bobcat, Gravely, Scag, Red Max and Shindawa, as well as residential equipment including Snapper and Ariens. Mcintyre’s is a full service residential and commercial locksmith providing equipment such as Arrow, Schlage, Kwikset, and Mul-T-Lock just to name a few. In addition, McIntyre’s offers surveillance systems.

McIntyre’s has built a solid reputation and takes pride in providing quality products and outstanding customer service. McIntyre’s clientele includes homeowners, professional landscape specialists, government agencies (including boards of education and municipalities), apartment complexes, assisted living residences, real estate agents, as well as 25 to 50 walk-in customers daily.

Customer Feedback

A reviewer on said he was, “impressed.”

“Gotta love this service,” the reviewer wrote. “A great locksmith and I bring my lawnmower, snow blower and generator to them. Serviced my generator in the middle of (a hurricane) in a couple of hours so I could get my power back on. Six Stars!!!”

Another online reviewer called McIntyre’s, “professional, reliable, reasonable.”

“Have brought my snowblower to them before and am about to again,” the reviewer wrote. “They are knowledgeable, pleasant, take time to answer any questions in detail and prices are reasonable.”

And a five star reviewer on was impressed by the way McIntyre’s does business.

“During Sandy I was impressed reading how this business didn’t gouge its customers who were looking to purchase generators, and in fact, refused offers of two to three times the value of the generators in order to deliver them to those customers who had ordered them before the storm,” the reviewer wrote. “While getting ready for fall, I could have gone to Home Depot or some other DIY (do it yourself) store and perhaps gotten a generator for less money, but I went to McIntyre’s to buy mine, because they demonstrated that they are a ‘class act’ and definitely a local business that deserves our support. I will always go there first whenever I need something.”

Having been in business for more than 100 years, and having witnessed previous economically trying times, McIntyre’s relates to the struggles and pressures customers are experiencing. As a result, McIntyre’s is doing everything possible to minimize the current economical struggles of its customers. McIntyre’s is one of the few companies that did not add a fuel surcharge even though McIntyre’s incurred this fee on all parts and equipment coming in. McIntyre’s also offers FREE assembly and FREE delivery on new units in local surrounding towns (excluding hand held equipment).

“We don’t just want to make a sale,” said Rich Herder, owner of McIntyre’s. “We want to work with you for all the time you own your equipment. We want customers for life.”

McIntyre’s Locksmith & Lawn Mower Shop

McIntyre’s, Westfield, N.J., in the early 1900s.

McIntyre’s Locksmith & Lawn Mower Shop

Rich Herder, owner of McIntyre’s in Westfield, N.J., poses with a cake in the shape of a leaf blower.