• “I recently had my snowblower and portable generator serviced by them. For a reasonable fee, they offered to pick up and drop off service which was very convenient since both pieces of equipment were very heavy and I didn’t have the resources to lift and/or transport. They picked up on the date and time as promised and called me a couple of days later to advise of some concerns. Neither piece had been serviced in years, so it was all preventive maintenance. Both pieces of equipment were dropped off when promised. The driver who picked up and dropped off was very friendly and knowledgeable of the equipment and started up both pieces. The convenience was worth the price alone and most importantly, I trust them. Very reasonable prices. I’ll be bringing my lawnmower to them this winter.”

  • “I don’t feel I can adequately express how pleased I am with the service I received. The people here were absolutely fantastic. My snowblower wouldn’t start so I looked around for a company with good reviews and gave them a call. They were able to provide pick up and drop off service and fixed the problem with no issues. (They were) polite, respectful, and knowledgeable. They patiently answered all of my questions and were pleasant, patient, and understanding professionals the entire time. They had the snowblower fixed in a day and called me to set a delivery time for either that day or the following one based on my schedule. They even gave me a comprehensive list of instructions to keep my snowblower in top shape in the off season! I highly recommend their company for anyone with similar repair needs.”

  • “Anytime I do anything relating to home repairs, I’m uncomfortable. Will they show up? Will they know what they’re doing and not make the problem worse? Will they be trustworthy?
    My front door lock and deadbolt weren’t closing properly. To close it, I had to slam it shut several times. Getting the deadbolt to work was even harder and didn’t work most times. At night, when I came home, I had to slam to door several times so I could use the deadbolt. I’m sure my neighbors in the condo complex loved that.
    So I contacted McIntyre’s. I was able to make an appointment for a Saturday at no extra charge. Wow. The appointment was for between 11 and 11:30. But the locksmith let me know, he might finish his prior job early. At 9:30 or so, I got a call. He was on his way. He arrived at 10. He diagnosed the problem, explained everything to me and went to work. The strike plates in the door, thanks to a poor job by someone else, were out of alignment. He explained as he worked. Then we both checked the door – locking it as I left, unlocking it and locking it when I was inside. What a difference. Before 11, he was done.
    A great experience. He showed up – early. He did the job and he explained everything that was being done. An excellent experience. If you need a locksmith, you only need to know only one name: McIntyre’s.”

  • “A real no BS, take no prisoners type of operation. This is this and that is that. And you know what? It turns out to be great advice and guidance. Top notch service center and sell very, very high quality equipment that they stand behind. If you are a fan of (big box stories), you are probably not going to like this place because McIntyre’s actually knows what they are talking about. I have used the locksmith service as well and they did a great job. To top it all off, during Irene, my generator went down and they fixed it in a couple of hours and charged me very little, WOW!!! TEN STARS.”

    -Ron G.
  • “Mowers, snow blowers and locks! There is nothing they have not done for us! The best!!!”

  • “McIntyre’s is the epitome of why you ‘shop local.’ I purchased a snowblower two months ago from them and I over worked my snowblower during a heavy snowfall, breaking the belt (not the machine or their fault). McIntyre’s came, during a snowstorm, to pick up my machine and repaired and returned it within five hours – despite having a skeletal staff and a line of customers out the door. Don’t do the Home Depot thing to maybe save a couple of bucks, you’ll be glad you did!”

  • “Locked myself out of my house today and I called them immediately. They were at my home in 12 minutes. Service was prompt and efficient. He had my door open in three minutes and it was a tough lock to open!
    Nice as could be and helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!”

  • “This place is awesome! So many keys and equipment for all needs!”

  • “A Westfield staple who does fantastic work at a fair price!!”

    -Brian P.
  • “I want to give a big thank you to Rich Herder Jr. and his staff. The last couple months have been rough with equipment repairs and breakdowns. Rich and his staff really helped me and gave me the same customer service as if I were a large scale company. I have been a customer of McIntyre’s since 2003 and will continue to return due to the exceptional customer service.”

  • “I have been using them for 10 years for my lawn equipment needs, and they are awesome. We just had Noell out to install a security system at my workplace and he is out of this world. Only place to go for lawn or locksmith/security work.”

  • “I went in there with a decent idea of what I was talking about. I inherited an old mower that wasn’t used in like 20 years, I knew the history, it was just left to die after my aunt hired a landscaper. I went into McIntyre’s and explained my situation, bought a new plug and already had some oil. He upsold me some higher octane fuel, explained the difference between what’s in the gas stations, etc. He was beyond helpful. He didn’t try to sell me something he knew wouldn’t help me. THIS IS KEY FOR A BUSINESS, YET MANY DON’T GET IT. I will be going to this place for anything I could use that they sell. I’m also going to tell people about my experience there. Because he didn’t try to exploit me on my first visit there. Lots of small business owners today want to get all they can out of you and they run the risk of their reputation. McIntyre’s will be around for a long, long time with their customer first mentality. Sad you need to filter thru so many A holes to find companies like McIntyre’s. But at least I know they “get it” and will have my repeat business. Thanks guys!”

    -Mike B